On behalf of the Wesley College OBU(UK), I invite you to our revamped Website, an action undertaken by us as a climax to a very successful year for the OBU (UK). This Website will not only record the progress of the growth in stature of our OBU over the years, but also will serve as a forum for enlarging the discussion between the Wesleyites in UK, Sri Lanka and other parts of the world. The objective will be to generate ideas and proposals for more coordinated and unified action to serve our Alma Mater. During the year, we have further strengthened our close fraternal relationships with the Wesley College OBUs in Sri Lanka, Australia, Dubai, other parts of the world. 

We have initiated a call for the formation of an “Association of Wesley College OBUs” around the world to work in a united and collective manner with the leaderships of the Methodist Church of Sri Lanka and Wesley College, to remedy some problems causing concerns at Wesley College.

The Wesley College OBU (UK) 25th Anniversary Celebratory Double Blue Ball held on 07 October in the Trinity suite of the Grand Tower Bridge Hotel surpassed all expectations as a milestone celebrating event and was a sell out.This “Double Blue Ball of 2017”, an unique and memorable event demonstrated that the sprit and will of Wesley College OBU (UK) is growing in strength to build on the work done in the past 25 years.

The fraternal friendship and the growing strength of the cooperation between Methodist College PPCA (UK) and Wesley OBU(UK), representing the two leading sister Methodist educational institutions in Sri Lanka, has resulted in several highly successful joint events over the years. This year the joint “Methodist Wesley Carols Service” was once again a spiritually uplifting and socially enjoyable event to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is significant that the number of those of Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim religious persuasions who whole heartily take part and enjoy this event. This year the Methodist / Wesley Thames River Dinner Dance on the “MV Thames Princess” turned out to be a fully subscribed event thoroughly enjoyed by all those who went on this “micro cruise”.


Wesley College OBU (UK) continues to play a significant role in the sports activities organised by UK OBUs of the Colleges in Sri Lanka. This year again the Wesley College OBU (UK) teams participated in the Festival of Cricket (FOC) and “Seven a Side Rugby” tournaments. Several of our OBU Members have played leading roles in organsing these tournaments.


Wesley College OBU (UK) is proud that it has initiated some unique events to set some examples for other Sri Lankans OBUs, OGAs and PPAs.  “Feed the Homeless’ is a visionary charity project initiated by Wesley College OBU (UK) in year 2012 and this year OBU (UK) members made and served more than 100 homeless people a hot Sunday roast, finished with afternoon tea.


Ora Et Labora

Tyrone Namasivayam

Hon. President

Life & Legacy of John Wesley

Dates to Remember

AGM Sunday 27th January 2019 @ 3pm
136 Greenford Rd, Wembley,
Harrow HA1 3QL
020 8423 8014


Wesley OBU UK Work for & on behalf of Wesley College Colombo.

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